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lifeline, established in 2004 and over a period of 16 years
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We Have strengthen its work force to highly motivated team of qualified professionals who has propelled lifeline to the forefront with their dynamic marketing strategies. We have expanded our target market and product portfolio with insightful vision and understanding of the industry.

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Projects all over UAE.,

Water Pump Sets

LIFELINE is your reliable partner in the field of water handling equipments

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Solar Water Heaters

The best way to be a green power consumer is to install both photovoltaic panels

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Water Tanks

Water, Is An Essential Resource. Therefore, Storage Of Clean, Potable Water

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Water Cooling Systems

Domestic water chillers can cool the water in tank which

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Air Conditioners

We all love living in comfort, especially when the temperatures around us start to soar high.

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Our team of highly skilled and well-experienced engineers and technicians, equipped with the most advanced system
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